Sunday, January 6, 2008

Other books I read last year...

and never posted my thoughts. One must read in my opinion is Jemima J, loved the story and Jean Green is an awesome writer, it was seriously hard for me to put this book down. Loved it. The Other Woman was good, not great and not horrible. In the end it was a fun read. Lean Mean Thirteen, well if you're a Stephanie Plum fan you've probably already read it, but if not and are planning too keep it on the list. You will not be disappointed. You on a Diet is really a good imformative book. It's totally doable and I liked it a lot. The workout is quick but not easy, but again doable. I just finished Bookends and I liked it, it was funny, sad and had me guessing a lot. The beginning was a bit slow but that quickly changed and I couldn't stop reading. The characters are easy to relate too, especailly Cath. Jane Green is an awesome writer and I will keep reading her novels. Last night I just finished Deceptively Delicious last night and although I have yet to try an recipes I fully intend too. It seems simple enough and a smart way to add all the right things to the girls and our everyday meals. After reading it I honestly felt like a horrible mother, although I know they eat OKAY this made me realize they really need more and for that I am glad I picked this book up! Now to just make the purees.

Now on the night stand waiting to be read is...
Eat, Pray, Love
Life Artist (on chapter 3 and am so inspired! so not suprised though)these outta keep me busy for a little while. ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI've been waiting to read this book since it came out back in February (i think)got the library notice that it was waiting for me, got it and finished within 3 days. LOVED IT! But I'm a BIG Becky Brandon nee Bloomwood fan so no surprise there. I love British chick lit, has to be my fave books to read. She has got such a great writing style, totally knows how to keep you into the book. LOVE that! Just wish I knew how to pace myself so that I don't have to finish a book the day I start reading it. That has only happened once but this came pretty darn close, since I had read to chapter 7 until yesterday and finished the rest of the book by nights end. :) But when you're at your in laws ALL day with nothing to do but veg, swim and read then read i will!

Quick fun read...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Picked this up for $4 at target the day before we left for San Diego. Wanted a quick read for the beach. Stuck with an author I knew since I figured it's be good and of course it was. Very fast read, fun story, love JE's writing and there was a little mystery in there like the Stephanie Plumb books but not near the drama. Which was fine by me, I like the drama & love stories were both perfect! Overall great fun read.